Classic Italian – Sicilian style Pasta with Swordfish & Eggplant (pesce spada e melanzane);

Pasta with Swordfish & Eggplant is a typically Sicilian dish; Sicily is surrounded by the stunning blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea; Swordfish is caught in the straight of Messina which separates Sicily from mainland Italy, On my last trip to Italy I had the most amazing spaghetti with swordfish and eggplant which inspired this post; Please enjoy; Recipe... Continue Reading →


Classic Italian – Polenta with Sausages (Polenta con salsicce al sugo);

Polenta is one of the lesser known ingredients used in Italian Cooking, obviously not as famous as Pizza & Pasta, but nonetheless a typically Italian dish; Historically it has been associated with Northern Italian cuisine, however it has since become popular all over Italy. Polenta is essentially ground Corn Meal which is normally served soft... Continue Reading →

Italian Classics – Crostini, Crostoni & Bruschetta;

Crostini & Bruschetta are classic Italian appetizers, the perfect companion for your "Aperitivo" (pre dinner drinks ) or as part of an Antipasto; or entree; So what is the difference between Crostini, Crostoni and Bruschetta? It has a lot to do with the size; and cut of the bread, and also the cooking method. here is my... Continue Reading →

The Basics – Italian Style Potatoes with Peppers (Peperonata con patate)

The classic dish of potatoes with peppers "Peperonata con patate", is one of my all time favorites, especially when served with fried eggs; It is an example of simple Italian family cooking, which can be served as an accompaniment to grilled meats, sausages or eggs; there are many variations of the Classic "Peperonata", it can be made with... Continue Reading →

Classic Italian – Insalata Caprese;

Insalata Caprese or "The Salad of Capri" has its origins on Italy's Isle of Capri on the Amalfi Coast; the salad is vibrant & colorful based on three ingredients fresh Mozzarella, Fresh Ripe Tomatoes and Fresh Basil Leaves. Which coincidently are also the colors of the Italian flag. It is normally served as an Antipasto or light lunch,... Continue Reading →

Simple Pumpkin Risotto (alla zucca);

Risotto is one of the staples of Italian family cooking; it is simple, and especially delicious when prepared using fresh seasonal produce; the rice is cooked in broth to a creamy consistency; Risotto rice comes in a many different varieties; the most commonly available variety available in supermarkets is Arborio, which is named after the... Continue Reading →

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