Kitchen Garden Update – Planting Fruit Tree’s

As we leave winter behind and head into spring; there are quite a few mini projects, keeping me busy in the Kitchen Garden; At the moment I am in the process of completing the different sections of the rear garden; a Fruit Orchard, Vegetable Garden, Herb Plots and a functional cooking space; the plan is for my back yard to eventually resemble a micro “Agriturismo” or farmhouse experience where fruit and vegetables are grown, harvested, prepared and cooked and/or preserved on the premises for an organic and sustainable end to end experience;

Here is a list of projects planned;

Work In Progress;

  • Vegetable Garden – propagating spring/summer vegetables from seed;
  • Fruit Orchard Planting – (New) Fig, Peach, Apricot, Cherry, Apple (Existing) Lemon, Mandarin;
  • Olive Tree;
  • Outdoor Oven;

Sustainability Projects;

  • Composting;
  • Rainwater Harvesting;

Future Projects;

  • A Chicken Coop for fresh eggs;
  • A Grape Vine;


Looking forward to the coming spring; Happy Gardening 🙂





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