Cooking with Fresh Herbs;

Growing fresh herbs is an essential element of a home kitchen garden 🌱adding tremendous flavour to your cooking with lots of health benefits; I like to grow fresh herbs in pockets all around the garden or in pots to ensure a plentiful supply when needed for cooking;

Here is a list of the herbs I have growing in my Kitchen Garden; with a brief description of what I like to use them for;

  • Rosemary –  Roast meats, Roast and pan fried potatoes.
  • Thyme – Roast Meats, baked Eggs in Tomato, Meat loaf stuffing.
  • Sage – Roast Chicken with garlic and lemon, also in stuffing.
  • Oregano – Pasta sauce both fresh and dried.
  • Parsley – Italian flat leaf variety – used in almost all cooking, a must in seafood pasta with olive oil and garlic.
  • Mint – Salads, Pasta, Tea, Cold drinks.
  • Basil – grown in the summer months, used in pasta and salad, and off course Basil Pesto for pasta.
  • Cammomile – dried for herbal tea

Off course there are many other ways to utilise fresh herbs the list above is just a snapshot of their uses. Also fresh herbs can be dried or frozen for later use in the off season.

So start growing lots of fresh herbs in your garden, your cooking will never be the same;

🌿Happy gardening 😉


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