Winter update, salami making & kitchen garden;

As we settle into the long cold days of the winter period, I reflect on the delights of the Autumn harvest; especially roasted Chestnuts enjoyed with red wine 🙂


Salami Making is one of the most anticipated of the winter activities; as you can see in the photo’s, our annual salami making went quite well, with our salami already hanging up to cure.


In the kitchen garden;

My kitchen garden consists of re-purposed apple crates, which are working quite well since relocating the patch to the upper side of the garden; whilst I normally tend to focus summer vegetables, this year I have planted a limited  winter vegetable patch, with Broad beans, chicory, rocket and broccoli rabe growing at the moment. also have red onions propogating in seed trays in preparation for the spring.


Lately I have been focusing on sustainability by re-using and re-purposing household items and scraps; as you can see in the photo above I am Seed Propogating using re-purposed paper roll holders as biodegrable starter pots; and also adding our food scraps to a newly purchased compost bin to create nutrient rich compost to feed our spring/summer garden.
As I prepare for the spring/summer season I will dedicate more posts to the Kitchen garden, and keep you updated on it’s progress.

In the Kitchen;

At this time of year I tend to focus on winter comfort meals, stewed meats, lasagna, polpettone (italian style meat loaf), Risotto and Pasta e fagioli (pasta with beans or lentils or chick peas); and pasta with rich Ragu style sauces as they tend to satisfy the need for comfort during the cold;

Involtini di Pollo (stuffed chicken rolls); two different styles in white wine and tomato sauce with peas;

Ciao till the next post !






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