Classic Pasta – Carbonara;

Carbonara is a popular pasta dish, known all over the world;

It is generally interpreted as a creamy pasta sauce made with bacon and eggs; although there are many variations on this;

It originates from the Lazio region of Italy; its exact origins strongly debated; although Romans claim it as their own.

The Authentic Carbonara is made with Guanciale (cured pork cheek), eggs, Pecorino Romano and lots of black pepper NO CREAM; In this recipe I have mentioned the use of bacon and/or Pancetta as a substitute as Guanciale is not readily available in some areas;

Recipe for 5;

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

200 grams of streaky bacon or pancetta or guanciale

5 medium eggs

1 cup of grated Pecorino Romano

Black pepper

500g Pasta you can use either Penne or Spaghetti


If it’s your first time making Carbonara I suggest you short pasta as it can be quite difficult to achieve a creamy consistency with Spaghetti; until you master the technique;

Optional Ingredients;

add 1/2 a diced onion to fry with the bacon, this is my mothers version of Carbonara from her town in Abruzzo;

If you must add cream 250ml of single cream can be added to the fried bacon; allow the cream to simmer and thicken a little before adding the pasta and egg mixture;

Cooking the pasta;

Add 5 liters of water to a stock pot and put over a high flame;

tip; use hot water to speed up the cooking time;


Chop the bacon into strips and set aside

break the eggs into a mixing bowl;

add 5 tablespoons of grated pecorino;

with a fork whisk the eggs together with the pecorino until well blended

Once the pasta water is boiling;

add two table spoons of cooking salt to the boiling water;

add the pasta;

be sure to stir the pasta a few times in the first few minutes so that it doesn’t stick together or to the bottom of the pot;

Cook for the time recommended on the packet; taste test the pasta in the last few minutes to ensure you don’t overcook the pasta;

Cooking the bacon;

Add the olive oil to a 30cm Frypan preferably with deep sides; over medium heat

add the bacon to the hot oil and fry til lightly golden in color

now turn down the heat to the lowest setting whilst waiting for the pasta to cook;

Once the pasta is cooked;
drain the pasta into a colander;
add the pasta to the frypan with the bacon and stir through;

now turn off the heat of the frypan;

grate a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper over the pasta;

pour the egg mixture over the pasta and stir through vigorously to achieve a creamy consistency;

The eggs will be cooked by the heat of the pasta;


serve straight out of the pan or add to a serving dish;
Serve with freshly grated Pecorino Romano lots of fresh ground black pepper and of course a glass of your favourite wine;
Buon Apetito;


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