Fettuccine with bacon, mushrooms, peas & cream (alla panna);

Whilst shopping for pasta the other day, I picked a packet of Barilla, Fettuccine Toscane, which I thought would go well with a rich and comforting cream sauce, This recipe is very simple and easy to prepare, only requiring around 20 -30 minutes of preparation. The combination of onion, bacon and mushrooms creates a tremendously rich flavor base; I have also added peas to the recipe for additional color and texture.


Serves 5;

25g butter or margarine

1/2 medium onion

100g bacon or pancetta

100g sliced mushrooms

1 cup of peas fresh or frozen defrosted

500 ml cream

500g Egg Fettuccine or other pasta of your preference


finely dice the onion

slice the mushrooms

chop the bacon into strips

shell the peas or defrost the peas with hot water if frozen

Cooking the pasta;

Add 5 liters of water to a stock pot and put over a high flame;

tip; use hot water to speed up the cooking time;


whilst waiting for the pasta water to boil you can prepare the sauce.

add the butter to a 30 cm (large) fry pan over high heat;

once the butter has melted;

add the onion, bacon, mushrooms & peas;

add salt and pepper;

fry the ingredients til lightly golden;

add the cream;

bring the cream sauce to boil, and then lower to a slow simmer, continue cooking until the sauce has thickened sufficiently;  turn of the heat and cover the pan, while waiting for the pasta to cook.

Once the pasta water is boiling;
add two table spoons of cooking salt to the boiling water;
then add the pasta;
be sure to stir the pasta a few times in the first few minutes so that it doesn’t stick together or to the bottom of the pot;
Cook for the time recommended on the packet; taste test the pasta in the last few minutes to ensure you don’t overcook;
drain the pasta well; place the fry pan with the sauce back on medium heat, toss the pasta into the fry pan and stir through the sauce;

serve straight out of the pan or add to a serving dish;
add freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano and of course a glass of your favourite wine;
Buon Apetito;


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