Aperitivo time;

At long last Summer (Estate) is upon us; well I guess that depends on which part of the world you live, I adore the longer days, hot summer nights, al fresco dining and Aperitivo;

What is Aperitivo you might ask;

Aperitivo is Italian style pre-dinner drinks usually served with tasty appetizers such as Olives, Nuts, Pretzels and/or Crisps; some bars provide a more sophisticated menu of finger foods with their Aperitivo; consisting of a variety of Crostini, arancini or pizzette for which you would normally pay a higher price.

On our recent trip to Italy we enjoyed Aperitivo most evenings as we immersed ourselves in Italian food and wine culture;  My favourite Aperitivo drinks are Aperol Spritz (Aperol, Prosecco & Soda) and Campari & Soda; served in a long glass with lots of ice and a slice of orange; or alternatively Aperitivo drinks can be as simple as a glass of wine or sparkling Prosecco; if you prefer a Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo try a Crodino or San Bitter these are generally available at Italian specialty grocers in pre-packaged bottles;


Why not host your very own Aperitivo night at home; with some basic appetizers such as crisps, pretzel,nuts and some olives;

Simple Aperitivo at home;


Aperol Spritz;


serves 6;

1 x Bottle of Aperol, 1 x bottle Prosecco and 1 x bottle Soda water; ice cubes and a large juicy orange;


large long drink/or large wine glasses; a spirits measure (available from most liquor stores)

spirits measure
15/30ml measure



fill the glasses with ice, add a slice of orange,  add 3 parts Prosecco, add 2 parts Aperol, and a large splash of Soda water;


Enjoy your Aperol spritz with some tasty appetizers;

Keeping with the summer theme, I will be sharing some basic finger food recipes to go with your Aperitivo in my next post; 3 Simple Crostini; till then.

Happy Aperitivo;


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