to Italy

Yes we are heading of to Italy in a few days time; looking forward to leaving cold wintry Melbourne days behind in exchange for the Italian summer sun;

The Journey;

Our journey kicks off in Northern Italy visiting cousins near Lago Di Varese (Lake Varese), followed by a brief visit to metropolitan Milan for a reunion with family; after a few short days we head South to Sicily, travelling along the Ionian coast taking in the sights and delights of Siracusa, Catania, Taormina & Messina; before ferrying across to mainland Calabria along the “Costa degli Dei” (Coast of the Gods) for an extended stay in Tropea; from our base in Tropea we will take a “mini crociera” (mini cruise) to the Aeolian Islands visiting Vulcano, Lipari & Stromboli. From Tropea we head into the unspoilt Calabrian countryside near the “La Sila”  for a weekend catch up with relatives; then off to the the Amalfi Coast for a few days in Sorrento, taking in a day trip to the Isle of Capri; Our last stop Rome where history, culture and roman cuisine awaits; Notebook in hand I will be documenting the journey gathering tips, recipes and reflections;  look forward to sharing the Italian experience in future blog posts;

Until then “Buon Appetito”


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